Patient Safety

  • Take detailed patient history for patient safety
  • Check allergies before procedure and sedation
  • Watch Vital Signs to ensure stability
  • Close monitoring of patients throughout procedure
  • Elderly patients, we take special steps regarding medications/fall precautions

Covid-19 Pandemic/ National Emergency

We take special precautions to avoid transmission of COVID-19 infection by:

  • Telephone Screening before coming to the surgery center or office
  • Pre-screening questionnaire regarding COVID-19 upon arrival
  • Temperature screening before entering facility
  • Face covering is required for all patients to avoid spread
  • Waiting room is specially designed for social distancing
  • No family/ride is permitted in facility to prevent spread of infection, unless with special circumstances
  • Disinfecting of counters, chairs, doorknobs from time to time to avoid transmission
  • Disinfecting of all blood pressure cuffs, equipment, monitor cords, oxygen saturation monitors,gurneys and beds.
  • Proper Hand Washing Techniques are implemented between patients
  • Use of gloves when needed, especially for procedures
  • Proper storage of clean linen to avoid transmission of infection
  • Soiled linens are kept separate to avoid any spread of infection

Meet our specialized staff:

  • Our high-quality staff is specially chosen and are up to date on education, good communication skills, and proper techniques are used.
  • Our staff is extremely sympathetic to patient needs
  • Very considerate to patient, family and/or ride.
  • Very accommodating, attentive & concerned to the patient and family needs.
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